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Ballvé, Faustino

           Essentials of Economics

Bastiat, Claude Frédéric

           The Bastiat Collection

Cantillon, Richard

           An Essay on Economic Theory

Condillac, Étienne Bonnot, Abbé de

           Commerce and Government Considered in Their Mutual Relationship

Cox, Jim

           The Concise Guide to Economics

Hayek, Friedrich A.

           The Fatal Conceit          

           A Tiger by the Tail

Hazlitt, Henry

           Economics in One Lesson

           The Failure of the "New Economics"

Menger, Carl

           Principles of Economics

Mises, Ludwig von


           The Clash of Group Interests

           Human Action

Murphy, Robert P.

           Lessons for the Young Economist

Rothbard, Murray N.

           The Case Against the Fed

           Economic Depressions: Their Cause and Cure

           Man, Economy, and State with Power and Market


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