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Staying True to the Scriptures and the Teachings of the Prophets 

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What's New:


The Easter Story 

Easter is a celebration of the greatest story ever told. 

What is that story, exactly? 

Follow along with Loyal to the Word as we discover the Easter Story as it is given in the scriptures, compiling all four Gospel accounts, in Loyal to the Word's new FEATURED ARTICLE: The Easter Story

What Have the Prophets Taught About Evolution? 

With the growing prevalence of liberal Mormons on the internet, it is common to hear them express belief in evolution. Other times, well-meaning Church members believe in evolution, no doubt because they have been taught in the school system that it is truth. But what does our religion teach about evolution? Specifically, what have the prophets taught us about evolution? For a comprehensive answer to this question, read Loyal to the Word's new FEATURED ARTICLE: Teachings of the Prophets Regarding Evolution

Train Up a Child in the Way They Should Go

with the Watchman Video Series 

It is perilous times, and we live in an backward world full of false and destructive teachings. Parents are often anxious that we must bring up our children in the midst of swirling evil which is both hostile to Gospel teachings and relentlessly proselytized to our little ones from a young age. It's time to fight back. Loyal to the Word has created a video series for kids that explains such topics as abortion, gay marriage, feminism, socialism, and others. Reach your kids before the false teachings of the world do! Join with your children in watching Loyal to the Word's Watchman: A Gospel Video Series for Kids

Were the Founding Fathers Irreligious Deists?

To suit their agenda, it is common for the political left to deny the spiritual heritage of America, and claim that the Founders were Deists rather than Christians, and that religion was superficial in the lives of the Founders. (Deism, of course, is the belief that God is not actively interested in the affairs of mankind).

Could this be true? Find out by reading their own words in Loyal to the Word's new FEATURED ARTICLE: The Founding Fathers and Religion.

Blacks and the Priesthood Discussed

Race is a sensitive topic; so is religion. It is well-known that the Church had a ban on ordaining black men to the priesthood until 1978, when it was overturned by revelation. Why were blacks denied the priesthood? What is the relationship between the black race and Cain? What have the scriptures and the prophets said on the matter? These issues are all explored in Loyal to the Word's new FEATURED ARTICLE: For the Seed of Cain Were Black.

Is the United Order Socialism? 

Liberal Mormons, those Mormons who do not adhere closely to the doctrine of their religion, are almost without exception politically left wing. They attempt to persuade others that their ideologies are in line with the Gospel plan, often by claiming their the United Order is like the socialism that they advocate or defend. Could this really be true? Is the United Order Socialism?

What is the nature of the United Order? 

Are there similarities between the United Order and Socialism? What are the differences? 

What do the prophets and the scriptures say on the matter?

Find out in Loyal to the Word's new FEATURED ARTICLE: Is the United Order Socialism?

The Miracle of Capitalism 


Capitalism is often maligned in mainstream thinking, and vigorously so by the political left. And yet the system of capitalism has brought more widespread abundance and wealth to people of all walks of life, than any other system ever devised. Also, we know from modern revelation that capitalism, with its principles of a free market and free enterprise, was ordained of God for the benefit of man. In an attempt to fight against the tide of misinformation and stand up for the truth, Loyal to the Word humbly presents the following video series. Join Loyal to the Word for its new FEATURED VIDEO SERIES as we embark upon a multi-part discussion of the true nature and effects of capitalism, entitled The Miracle of Capitalism.

What's Wrong With the Political Left?

The political left believes in and pushes for homosexuality, feminism, abortion, high taxes, government control, and many other things that are contrary to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Constitution established by the Lord. Why?

It is easy to see the symptoms of the problem: The political left desires to take the earnings from the rightful owners and redistribute them, uses deceptive labels and name-calling, champions opposition-silencing political correctness tactics, and makes hypocritical appeals to compassion and justice when they are disregarding the rights of certain individuals to benefit those who they deem worthy. But why do they do these things?

In Loyal to the Word's new FEATURED ARTICLE: What's Wrong With the Political Left, the question of why the political left thinks, believes, and acts the way it does is examined to determine the root causes.


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