The following are articles and such authored or compiled by the creator of Loyal to the Word, and represent his thinking on a variety of Gospel subjects.

The Case Against Evolution

Scriptural Problems with Evolution

Teachings of the Prophets Regarding Evolution

The Six Creative Periods

The Manner of Adam’s Creation

What is Doctrine?

Conflicting Commandments in the Garden of Eden

That Old Serpent

Behold the Face of God

The Sealing Power and Wayward Children

Plan of Salvation Question and Answer

The Easter Story

The Gospel within the Articles of Faith

Murder and Punishment

Judgment and the Three Degrees of Glory

On Progression Between Kingdoms

Evidence of the Book of Mormon

The Role of the Book of Mormon

Joseph Smith and Plural Marriage

For the Seed of Cain Were Black

Freemasonry and the Gospel

The Forces of Darkness

The Fate of Judas Iscariot and the Number of the Sons of Perdition

The Fate of Emma Smith

A Word About Liberal Mormons

On Politics and Principles

Getting to Know the Constitution

The Founding Fathers and Religion

The Miracle of Capitalism

Is the United Order Socialism?

The Secret Combination

What's Wrong With the Political Left?

There's An Elephant in the Global Warming Room

The Scourge of Feminism

Thoughts on Birth Control

Now Hear It - Expositions of Brigham Young's Teachings

Against Polyandry

Virgin Birth? 

A Parable of Jesus Christ from the Life of Joseph Smith

The Complete First Vision (A convergence of the different accounts)

Quick Reference Scripture List (Great For Missionaries)


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