By George Orwell

Synopsis: A grim dystopian image of the future as seen by George Orwell, 1984 presents the world in the frightening circumstances of total government control by a socialist government of the future. The novel focuses on Winston, a man who resents the control he is under, and his quest to fight against the powers that keep him chained.

Strong Points: This book is prophetic in many ways. Orwell was a genius in his own right, because he was able to succinctly profile the tactics that oppressive governments have, and would in the future, use. The book then becomes a sort of a manual, showing the traits of oppressive government, and acting as a warning to be heeded as we presently stand in peril of losing our freedoms.  

Weak Points: Lots of the book is dedicated solely to the illegal relationship Winston has with his love interest. That is okay, because it makes the book interesting and engaging on another level, but in a way it seems to distract from the larger picture. Also, a lot of the book detailed Winston's detainment and interrogation. This had its purpose, as it explained many insights and details that the reader had questions about, but it was sort of depressing and drawn out. Another weakness is that it is a work of fiction, yet it is nonetheless an important book.

Interesting: 3.9/5

Must Read: 3.9/5

Overall: 4/5


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