Bones of Contention (Revised and Updated Edition)

By Marvin L. Lubenow

Synopsis: This book assesses the fossils that have been used to try to demonstrate human evolution (i.e. the "cave men" fossils). It shows that these fossils are not missing links, but are either entirely human or entirely ape, and have been interpreted incorrectly due to evolutionary bias.

Strong Points: This book is very well-researched and written on an interesting topic which ought to be relevant to all whose religion tells them that they were created in God's image. I highly recommend this book to any who are curious or struggling with the evolutionary notion that mankind evolved from apes.

Weak Points: It may be disconserting to some to find that this book was not written by a scientist, but a pastor. It is so well-researched, however, and so comprehensive that the author has become a veritable expert in the field, and the author and his book could without a doubt hold their own against evolutionary scientists. Also for weak points, in the Revised and Updated Edition, a significant portion of the book is dedicated to demonstrating how evolution has been used repeatedly to justify racism - an interesting fact in its own right but not really why I bought the book.

Interesting: 3.1/5

Must Read: 2.9/5

Overall: 3.9/5


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