The Coming Calamity

By Alan Rex Mitchell

Synopsis: Drawing upon the scriptures, teachings of prophets, and principles of Austrian economics, this book warns of the financial and spiritual collision course that America is on as a result of immoral financial policies and the deterioration of the family. The government's propensity to spend, assume debt, and devalue the currency, unless drastically changed soon, will result in disaster, ruin, and calamity for the nation. 

Strong Points: The book is very good for explaining the relevant concepts involved in a way that the average reader can understand. The reader will be able to appreciate the gravity of the situation and have a good, basic idea of what is going on. It also makes an interesting link between the deterioration of the family and the exacerbation of the nation's financial problems. The book contains some interesting chapters, such as a chapter on the Great Depression, which explains how government intervention only made things worse, and how the more recent recession mirrors the mistakes of the past. A good read about the financial woes of the nation, diagnosing the causes of current and coming problems.

Weak Points: The author's writing style is replete with a lot of cliché phrases and what seem to be canned phrases in his conclusions. Often they are effective and funny, but sometimes I found them silly and distracting. I suppose it is part of catering to the everyman audience that the book is written to, and a reflection of the author's personality. Also, the book spent a lot of time discussing the lead up to the coming calamity, but had much less to offer about the nature of the calamity itself, and the post-calamity world.

Interesting: 3.9/5

Must Read: 3.9/5

Overall: 3.9/5


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