Glimpses of Eternity
By Arvin S. Gibson

Synopsis: This is the first Near Death Experience study ventured by Arvin Gibson, whose own father had a rather extensive NDE. The author interviewed a moderate sample of people who claimed to have NDEs. The first half of the book is transcripts of their experiences as they were related to the author. The second half of the book contains an analysis of the accounts, highlighting things that can be learned about God’s plan from NDEs, as well as vice versa – using the Plan of Salvation to elucidate the NDE experiences that were told to the author.  The NDEs are examined through the lens of LDS doctrine, employing the principles of the Plan of Salvation to explain the phenomena featured in the book.

Strong Points: This book is a powerful read, and gives the reader a wonderful and poignant glimpse of the majesty and glory of the Savior, as well as his love for each of us. It provides the reader with an excellent opportunity to ponder on the great love that God has for us, and for the glories that await us, as well as the purpose to our trials and struggles. I recommend that a person read a good Near Death Experience book once in a while, to give them a new, brighter perspective on life. The accounts in the book are fascinating, as well, and most give unique insights about death and the world of spirits. The author’s analysis at the end of the book is mostly quite good, and even  issues like the false concept of reincarnation are discussed.

Weak Points: Reading the accounts one after another does become somewhat repetitive. But the experience is worth it anyway. At one point, the author made a factual error by referring to B.H. Roberts as an apostle (he was a seventy). Also, the book was published by Horizon back in the day, so if you do find a copy second hand, it will be weak and crumbly due to the poor quality of binding that publisher used for many years.

Interesting: 4.8/5

Must Read: 4/5

Overall: 4.5/5

Pages: 332

Selected Quote: “I first became aware of a blackness, a void. It felt very peaceful. No earthly problem or care followed me there. I was aware I existed, but I felt no pain. For the first time since being a child I felt free from emotional pain. I knew what was meant when the Lord said that the earth would be cursed for our sakes. This felt so natural in comparison to earth life. I came to the conclusion that our earth experience was the unnatural state and this one, the spiritual state, was the correct state of being.” (Katrina, p. 145).


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