God, Family, Country

By Ezra Taft Benson

Synopsis: This book is President Benson's statement on God, family, and country - our three great loyalties, and which were at the center of President Benson's ministry. Written in 1974, it is made up of various talks that have been assembled and modified into book form. The chapters are split up into three categories which comprise the entire book: God (first section), Family (second section), and Country (third section).

Strong Points: True to form with President Benson, the book is hard-hitting, stirring, passionate, and full of truth. It covers a wide scope of topics, many of which are very intriguing. At different times, the book can feel like a long testimony, a self-help guide, or a grave warning. But in each chapter there is great value to be drawn. From testifying of the Savior, to discoursing on effective prayers, to wise decision-making, to strengthening the family, to promoting the principles of a free market economy, this book has a lot to offer the reader. This book would be read by Latter-day Saints with great profit.

Weak Points: The book had some repetitions, both with itself and with other works by President Benson. Phrases are repeated, and oft-read talks found in other works are included in this book. It's not necessarily bad, though, as it acts as a reinforcement of the truths taught by this singular and important prophet. And unfortunately, there was a printing issue that caused one of the pages in my book to be blank (p. 313). I don't know if this problem was unique to my specific book or pervasive with each book in the edition, but just when things are getting good, there is that crass interruption.

Interesting: 4.5/5

Must Read: 4.8/5

Overall: 4.7/5

Selected Quote: "Let us not be deceived in the sifting days ahead. Let us rally together on principle behind the prophet as guided by the promptings of the Spirit. We should continue to speak out for freedom and against socialism and communism. We should continue to come to the aid of patriots, programs, and organizations that are trying to save our Constitution through every legal and moral means possible." (p. 342).


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