In the Beginning

By Walt Brown

Synopsis: A book written by a scientific expert explaining in very technical details why evolution is false and also proposing a very interesting theory as an alternative to tectonic plate theory, called the hydroplate theory, which explains many previously unexplained phenomena of the earth and also fits into the context of the Bible. The claims of evolutionary theory are rebutted head-on and the scriptures vindicated, as well as mysteries like the frozen mammoths explained.

Strong Points: Lots and lots of questions are answered by reading this book! Intriguing topic, as well. And it's nice to see someone vindicate the scriptural view instead of trying to mingle facets of Darwinism with scripture. Also it is very easy to tell that the author of this book is very intelligent. Plenty of interesting visual aids and illustrations are available, which make it appear much like a science textbook - only interesting to read! Really, really great book!

Weak Points: The book is very technical, often a little too technical for the layman. Not that technicalities are a bad thing, but the reader may find their interest waver just a little as they trudge through those parts. Also, the book is not written by an LDS author, but from the Protestant perspective, which is very close but not spot on to an LDS interpretation of certain scriptures or ideas about the creation.

Interesting: 3/5

Must Read: 2.3/5

Overall: 4.4/5


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