Joseph Fielding Smith: Gospel Scholar, Prophet of God 

By Francis M. Gibbons

Synopsis: A biography of Joseph Fielding Smith, tenth President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and one of the greatest Gospel scholars that the Church has ever had.

Strong Points: This book has some very interesting anecdotes and information that give insight into the life of Joseph Fielding Smith. Keenly interesting events like the controversy with B.H. Roberts over Pre-Adamites, his encounter with Reorganite leader and cousin Frederick M. Smith, and other interesting and colorful things, are found within the pages of the book.

Weak Points: Althougth I appreciated the detail, sometimes the long recitals of Joseph Fielding Smith's Stake Conference travel itinerary (which was substantial) was a little on the dull side.

Interesting: 4/5

Must Read: 2.6/5

Overall: 3.9/5


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