The Lectures On Faith 

Synopsis: The Lectures On Faith is a collection of organized sermons or lectures about faith and God for the school of the prophets in Kirtland. Probably co-authored by Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon, it is certainly approved by the Prophet, as it was printed in the forepart of the Doctrine and Covenants ever since 1835, and wasn't removed until 1921, being not quite the status of scripture.

Strong Points: The Lectures On Faith contains many important teachings relative to God and Faith. In fact, the "Faith" entry in the Bible dictionary is nothing less than a paraphrase of these invaluable lectures. In studying the subject of faith and the nature of God, there is no better source to draw from. Also, since the Lectures are so fundamental to our understanding of God and faith, and it contains the teachings of Joseph Smith, we can class them with Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith as next the scriptures in importance and a standard for all doctrine.

Weak Points: Not every lecture is equally exciting, and sometimes the writing style can feel a little tedious.

Interesting: 3.7/5

Must Read: 5/5

Overall: 4.9/5


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