Life Everlasting

By Duane S. Crowther

Synopsis: This book is a thorough discussion about what happens after we die, drawing from very reliable sources such as the scriptures, the prophets, and near-death experiences of faithful Latter-day Saints. It includes in-depth discussions of the spirit world (including paradise, spirit prison, and hell), and also has chapters about the judgment, degrees of glory, and exaltation.

Strong Points: This book is intensely interesting. It is full of fascinating anecdotes from near-death experiences, illuminating teachings from the prophets, and logical discussions about the matters at hand. The book is presented in a way that lends it a great amount of credibility: prominent in the book are scriptures and teachings of the prophets, and these things form the framework on which the entire book is built. Due to this, the book does not feel like a speculative study, but is rather authoritative. The book is thorough and insightful, giving the reader an amazing glimpse into the next world. This book was a pioneer in its genre, and it is still a standard on the subject. It is perhaps Crowther's greatest work. It is a masterpiece. I recommend this book to any who are interested in the subject of life after death, and I particularly recommend it for any of those who are grieving over lost loved ones.

Weak Points: There were a few of what I felt were erroneous conclusions drawn in the book that I didn't think were warranted by the evidence presented. They were: 1) The idea that priesthood blessings made without the aid of the Spirit and contrary to God's will can be binding in their effects, 2) The idea that the use of foreign language interpreters is required in the spirit world to overcome language barriers.

Interesting: 5/5

Must Read: 4/5

Overall: 5/5


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