Our Father’s Plan

By Boyd K. Packer

Synopsis: This is a small book, meant to be able to be read in one sitting, which gives a doctrinal overview of the plan of salvation, and incorporates nice photographs prominently to stimulate the reader’s thoughts and feelings.

Strong Points: This book is good for providing an overview of God’s plan, placing us and all of life’s experiences in perspective. It is also a handsome book for its time (printed in 1984), which helps to stir the soul towards the positive message of the book. The book is elementary, but it does accomplish putting the plan of salvation and Christ's Atonement in an interesting and poignant perspective for the reader.

Weak Points: I found it a little confusing to identify the audience of the book. It is not well-suited as a missionary tool, since it assumes some knowledge on the part of the readers when it uses certain jargon (like “Restoration,” etc.). Yet the experienced Gospel student will find it very elementary. I think it's good for two things: 1) the inexperienced Gospel student who is wanting to put the plan of salvation in perspective, and 2) those who enjoy President Packer's testimony and perspective on the Gospel. 

Interesting: 3.5/5

Must Read: 3.5/5                                          

Overall: 3.5/5

Selected Quotes: “The Plan of Redemption, as contained in the standard works, must be the foundation of all that we do as members of His church. All of the elements of the plan must be retained in pure form. We must not be diverted from them. They must not be ignored or clouded or diluted or diminished or superseded by any interest that we may have. To do otherwise is to waste the days of our probation purchased for us at so great a price.” (p. 58).

“When we know the plan, we understand why mortality must be a test. We know why so very much must be taken on faith alone. We develop patience with the unanswered questions of life and face with greater resolution the trials and tribulations that are the lot of humankind.” (p. 61).


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