The Plan of Salvation

By Matthew B. Brown

Synopsis: A comprehensive study of the doctrine pertaining to the plan of salvation, from our premortal life to the final judgment and degrees of glory. 

Strong Points: Another excellent work by Matthew B. Brown, The Plan of Salvation is a very thorough study of all the relevant topics. The book is well organized, exhaustively well-researched (as usual), and includes many fascinating quotes and insights, and answers many, many common questions. The book relies on the scriptures and teachings of LDS Church leaders, and because of this, I found that I shared the author's opinion on probably every point made in the book. The depth is very good and it seems as though no stone is left unturned in this excellent study of a very important topic. This book is probably the single best resource for studying the plan of salvation.

Weak Points: There were times when I wondered why certain material was included in the main text and others were relegated to the chapter end notes, or vice versa. Also, there was one citation that I was particularly interested in pursuing but through error it was actually omitted from the end notes! Very minor criticisms for an all-around excellent work, however.

Interesting: 4.7/5

Must Read: 4.4/5

Overall: 4.5/5


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