Return from Tomorrow

By George Ritchie

Synopsis: A short book that is the true story of how George Ritchie died while in an army hospital and then had a very amazing and enlightening near death experience, and even met the Savior Jesus Christ.

Strong Points: The amazing things the author learned through the process of his near death experience give a new perspective to the Spirit World. A very good book. The most interesting and powerful point in the book is actually early on in his near death experience, where Ritchie meets the Savior and gives a poignant description of Him.

Weak Points: George Ritchie was not and never has been a member of the Church. While this is not a problem for the book, however it is not written from the full perspective of an understanding of the Restored Gospel. Also, I found myself wanting the descriptions of the near death experience to count for a larger part of the book. Much of the book was a description of Ritchie's life before and after, and while pertinent to the message and story of the book, was of secondary interest.

Interesting: 4/5

Must Read: 2.5/5

Overall: 3.7/5


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