Since Cumorah

By Hugh W. Nibley

Synopsis: This book takes a look at ancient literary texts and other evidences that have come to light since the publication of the Book of Mormon, which serve to corroborate the ancient origins of the sacred record from Cumorah.

Strong Points: This was actually my favorite of the Collected Works of Hugh Nibley that I have read, which would have surprised me prior to investigating the book. But when I first picked up a copy many years ago, I became very interested immediately. The idea that the Book of Mormon claims to ancient authenticity could be tested, and the fact that Nibley was bold enough to do it, was intriguing to me. I found the book a very enlightening and satisfying read. 

Weak Points: The book does cover common concerns over the Book of Mormon's authenticity, such as it claim that elephants and horses existed in the Americas anciently, and that steel was used among its ancient inhabitants. But I would have liked these portions to have been expanded to a more substantial treatment of those subjects.

Interesting: 3.9/5

Must Read: 2.9/5

Overall: 3.4/5


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