Temple and Cosmos

By Hugh W. Nibley

Synopsis: A compilation of essays by Hugh Nibley that explore the relationship of the temple to the cosmos.

Strong Points: The book had many nuggets of precious insight relating to the temple worship that Latter-day Saints hold so dear.

Weak Points: Despite the intriguing topic of the book, I didn't find that provided as much insight into temple worship as I was hoping, or that it presented gems of insights only in scattered locations throughout the book. Though this is a good book, like other Nibley works, it is not well-suited for study by the layman. To get the readily available insights that the reader is probably looking for with this book, I would suggest instead Matthew B. Brown's books The Gate of Heaven and All Things Restored. Brown lays things all out very concisely so that the reader gets the most out of their reading experience.

Interesting: 3.2/5

Must Read: 2.7/5

Overall: 3/5


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