The following are teachings of various General Authorities regarding the issue of evolution. It is worthy of note that evolution has been denounced many times publicly by some of the highest Church Authorities, and never at any time, to the knowledge of Loyal to the Word, has any such Church Authority ever, in public or private, come out and say that man is descended from lower forms of life. 


The First Presidency, 1909

The First Presidency, 1925

Joseph Smith

Ezra Taft Benson

George Q. Cannon

Rudger Clawson

Harold B. Lee

Bruce R. McConkie

David O. McKay

Russell M. Nelson

Boyd K. Packer

Charles W. Penrose

Mark E. Petersen

Orson Pratt

George F. Richards

Marion G. Romney

George Albert Smith

Joseph F. Smith

Joseph Fielding Smith

Erastus Snow

James E. Talmage

John Taylor

John W. Taylor

Moses Thatcher

John A. Widtsoe





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