Video Presentation Series

by Loyal to the Word

         Capitalism is often maligned in mainstream thinking, and vigorously so by the political left. And yet the system of capitalism has brought more widespread abundance and wealth to people of all walks of life, than any other system ever devised. Also, we know from modern revelation that capitalism, with its principles of a free market and free enterprise, was ordained of God for the benefit of man. In an attempt to fight against the tide of misinformation and stand up for the truth, Loyal to the Word humbly presents the following video series. Join Loyal to the Word as we embark upon a multi-part video series discussion of the true nature and effects of capitalism, entitled The Miracle of Capitalism.

Part I: What is Capitalism?

Part I discusses what capitalism is and what it is not, dispelling the lies, misinformation, and negativity falsely attributed to capitalism. It discusses eight fundamentals of capitalism in order to orient the viewer properly. (Running time: 32:12 min).

Part II: The Moral Basis of Capitalism

Part II discusses why capitalism is more moral than alternative ideologies. It discusses the fundamental stances of individualism vs. collectivism, as well as clears the air regarding socialism and the United Order. (Running time: 33:02 min).

Part III: Capitalism and Prosperity

Part III discusses how following the principles of capitalism, to a greater or lesser extent, is responsible for the widespread prosperity and abundance where it is found around the world. It also discusses specifically how capitalism accomplishes this widespread prosperity. (Running time: 18:37 min).

Part IV: Capitalism and Poverty

Part IV discusses issue of poverty in society, as well as what the most appropriate and successful way to deal with it is. (Running time: 18:35 min).

Part V: Capitalism vs. Disastrous Good Intentions

Part V discusses capitalism vs. well-intended intervention in the economy. It challenges conventional wisdom by overturning sacred cows of mainstream thought and the political left that are seemingly well-intended, by discussing their real, actual effects. In particular, this video investigates the actual effects of the following treasured notions of conventional wisdom:

The Effects of High Taxes on Businesses and the Rich

The Effects of Price Controls

The Effects of Minimum Wage Laws

The Effects of Bailing Out Failed Businesses

The Effects of Stimulus Projects and Public Works

The Effects of Labor Unions

The Myth of Machinery

The Effects of Shutting Down Sweatshops

The Effects of Protectionism

(Running time: 37:42 min).

For the understanding necessary to complete Part V, Loyal to the Word is highly indebted to many authors, but one in particular stands out as essential: Henry Hazlitt and his masterful classic work, Economics in One Lesson

Part VI: Capitalism and Money

Part VI discusses money - what it is, the different types of money, and what the government has done to it for their own gains and to the detriment of society. (Running time: ). 


Part VII: Capitalism, the Great Depression, and the Boom/Bust Cycle

Part VII discusses the phenomenon of the boom/bust business cycles commonly but vaguely attributed to capitalism, with a special emphasis on the Great Depression. It explains the true cause of the boom/bust cycles with clarity, showing how they are the inevitable result of intervention in the economy. (Running time: ). 



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