What is Government For?


         What is government for? This is such a basic, fundamental question, that chances are the listeners of this presentation have never even asked it of themselves. Yet in order to make proper conclusions about what government should be doing, it is crucial that we answer this very important question.
         This presentation will answer this question using: 1. Reason, 2. The scriptures, 3. Teachings of the prophets, 4. Teachings of the Founding Fathers whom God inspired, and 5. The principles of the Constitution of the United States which God established.

Part 1 introduces the issue and discusses six axioms that all Latter-day Saints ought to agree on relative to government.


Part 2 discusses the basic fundamental ideologies behind the different approaches to government: Collectivism vs. Individualism. 



Part 3 discusses the Redistribution of Wealth employed by government, examining the moral basis which it is supposedly founded on, and its philosophical basis in the context of Constitutional principles. 



Part 4 uses a helpful hypothetical scenario to aid the viewer in understanding the proper role of government, and also discusses in clear terms the proper function of government. 



Part 5 disusses our sacred responsibility to be charitable and giving, and contrasts free voluntary action and giving with the theft of government welfare. 



 Part 6 discusses a few of the "just and holy principles" (D&C 101:77) of the Constitution, which God has established for the benefit of all mankind, and brings the entire presentation to a conclusion.



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