Adam: Who Is He?

By Mark E. Petersen

Synopsis: This book discusses the nature of Adam and his role in light of the doctrine of the scriptures. It spends a lot of time refuting evolution theory, Adam-God Theory, and original sin ideology. It is the first in a series of several books about the Patriarchs by Mark E. Petersen, a dynamic and prolific apostle.

Strong Points: I found this short book to be both enjoyable and insightful. It acts as a good resource on the subject of Adam and his place in the Gospel. It also does a great job of demolishing falsehoods such as evolution, Adam-God Theory, and original sin. Among other things, there is an interesting discussion about the weaknesses of radiocarbon dating, in which the author suggests a young earth. As usual, Mark E. Petersen is persuasive, fearless, and uncompromisingly loyal to scripture. Great book!

Weak Points: The book was a little repetitive at points, with reference to arguing against false doctrines. Rather than addressing each issue all in one place, the arguments continue throughout the book in intervals.

Interesting: 4.4/5

Must Read: 3.8/5

Overall: 4.5/5

Selected Quotes: “Adam was not Deity. He was the principal servant of Deity, being the archangel, the leader of the Lord’s hosts, the general of the armies of heaven, and the first man. But he was not Deity.” (p. 13).

“The endless evolutionary voyages into the seas of speculation certainly cannot be allowed to destroy our faith in divine revelation, which revelation completely refutes these hypotheses.” (p. 50).


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