Anderson, J. Max

The Polygamy Story: Fiction and Fact

Andrus, Hyrum L.

Joseph Smith: The Man and the Seer

Barrett, Ivan J.

Joseph Smith and the Restoration

Bushman, Richard L.

Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling

Crowther, Duane S.

          The Prophecies of Joseph Smith

Durham, Reed C.

          Succession in the Church

Flynn, John T.

          The Roosevelt Myth

Heath, Steven H.

          Succession in the Church

Nibley, Hugh W.

Mormonism and Early Christianity

The World and the Prophets

Petersen, Mark E.

Adam, Who is He?

The Great Prologue

The Jaredites

Noah and the Flood

Pratt, Parley P.

Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt

Price, Randall

Rose Guide to the Temple

Rose Publishing

Rose Guide to the Tabernacle

Rose Guide to the Temple

Skousen, W. Cleon

Brother Joseph: Seer of a New Dispensation (vol. 1 & 2)

The First 2,000 Years

The Third Thousand Years

The Fourth Thousand Years

Stokes, Philip

           Philosophy: 100 Essential Thinkers

Talmage, James E.
Woolf, Alex
            A Short History of the World

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