By Hugh W. Nibley

Synopsis: A collection of essays by Hugh Nibley on the subject of similarities between Mormonism and Early Christianity. A significant amount of the book discusses Early Christian rites that are remarkably similar to our temple ceremonies.

Strong Points: The reader will be enthralled to read about some of the amazing similarities between the revelations of Joseph Smith and scholarly research about Early Christianity that reach far beyond the possibility of coincidence.

Weak Points: Like virtually all of Nibley's works, they are not written for the layman and therefore may not be the most useful reading material on the subject for most people. I would recommend instead Matthew B. Brown's books The Gate of Heaven and All Things Restored if the reader is looking for concise treatments of the similarity between Mormonism and true religion of antiquity.

Interesting: 3.2/5

Must Read: 2.4/5

Overall: 3/5


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