Noah and the Flood

By Mark E. Petersen

Synopsis: This book discusses Noah and the Flood in light of the doctrine of the scriptures. It is part of a series of several books about the Patriarchs by Mark E. Petersen, a dynamic and prolific apostle.

Strong Points: This book is great for establishing the fact of Noah's Flood using the scriptures, and illustrating its importance in the context of the Gospel story. The reality of the Flood becomes quite irrefutable from the view of the scriptures, as Elder Petersen showed masterfully, and that if we can't trust the Flood account in the scriptures then we begin upon a slippery slope in which we have little basis for believing much else written in them. The book contains other interesting elements, like an in-depth study about Noah/Gabriel, brief accounts of world legends about a great deluge, discussion on the so-called Nephilim, the Flood as a baptism of the earth, and some limited commentary on the descendants of Noah through his three sons.

Weak Points: In the book Adam: Who Is He? Elder Petersen did a great job of exposing some of the scientific weaknesses of evolution theory in order to bolster the veracity of the story of Adam. It seems that Elder Petersen missed a similar opportunity in this book, as every time objections to the scientific possibility of the Noah's Ark story were brought up in the book, he defaulted on "It was a miracle" as a basic argument. Many readers would find this unsatisfactory. It's too bad that Elder Petersen did not avail himself of some of the Creationist literature that may have existed contemporaneously with him, to help bolster the feasibility of the Noah's Ark story.

Interesting: 4.2/5

Must Read: 3.5/5

Overall: 3.9/5

Selected Quote: People who question whether there ever was a flood or an ark, or even whether Noah lived, come face to face with direct revelation. Modern scripture sustains the flood story. Modern scripture affirms the existence of Noah, the wickedness of the people of his day, and the determination of the Lord to wash the earth clean with a deluge.... To reject Noah and the flood, then, would be a rejection of the revealed word of God!" (p. 38).


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