The Great Prologue

By Mark E. Petersen

Synopsis: This book covers the major events, from the apostasy of the ancient Church, that have led up to the Restoration of the Gospel: including the discovery of America, the Reformation, the Revolutionary War and the founding of America.

Strong Points: This book represents a great compilation of interesting historical facts that combine to show how God has prepared the world for the Restoration of the Gospel. Interesting details about how Columbus felt inspired in his quest that culminated in the discovery of America, and the ability and religious commitment of the Founding Fathers. The book also opens with a very insightful diagnosis of the issues that led to the apostasy in the ancient Church, and proceeds onward from there. This is a patriotic book that puts the covenant God made with Abraham in the context of American history. It is also very readable and digestible, being a small book, yet it covers the essentials very nicely.

Weak Points: In the book, Elder Petersen considers historical events predicted in Book of Mormon prophecy, that happened prior to the time of Joseph Smith, as an impressive evidence for the truthfulness of the Book. To a believer, this is interesting and even significant, but not to an unbeliever; it would merely seem like an ad hoc concoction. So, while it is a definite point of interest, it could hardly be considered “evidence” for the Book of Mormon in the minds of most people. Also, there was a chapter about the supremacy of the Father in the plan of salvation near the end of the book that seemed out of place in the composition, and only vaguely relevant to the subject matter in the book.

Interesting: 4.4/5

Must Read: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

Pages: 136

Selected Quotes: “Few people think of the discovery of America, the Revolutionary War, and the establishment of a constitutional form of government as being steps toward the fulfillment of the Lord’s ancient covenant with Abraham. But it is a fact that they were.” (p. 3).

“Zion is the pure in heart, as the Lord told the Prophet Joseph Smith. So no matter where they live, the pure in heart are God’s Zion, and they will provide the righteous setting required for the coming of the Lord. They will meet him and will reign with him through a thousand years of millennial peace. All that has gone before in preparation for that event constitutes the Great Prologue.” (p. 132).


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