The Jaredites

By Mark E. Petersen

Synopsis: This book discusses the tragic tale of the rise and fall of the Jaredite civilization, as chronicled in the Book of Mormon. It is part of a series of several books about the Patriarchs by Mark E. Petersen, a dynamic and prolific apostle.

Strong Points: This book tells the story of the Jaredite nation that highlights the implications for modern America fairly well. There is a significant amount of discussion about America as a choice land, and that its inhabitants must serve Jesus Christ. The book itself is interesting, and the Jaredite story is related in a way that brings it to life quite a bit and fleshes out the events for the reader. It also has a very helpful chart at the end that helps the reader sort out the dizzying chronology of the Jaredite kings. I thought that was a great touch.

Weak Points: I would have liked a little more analysis of the Brother of Jared’s experience of seeing the Lord. It was such a monumental event, it seems that it could have been treated with a great amount of depth. Instead, Elder Petersen essentially just quoted the narrative from the Book of Mormon. I likewise feel that a deeper analysis of some of the specifics that led to the decay of the Jaredite civilization, and how America likewise stands in jeopardy, would have been great.

Interesting: 4.3/5

Must Read: 3.5/5

Overall: 4/5

Selected Quote: But God has placed firm conditions on the occupancy of that promised land [America]. He pronounced both a blessing and a curse upon it. If those dwelling there would serve the Lord, he would prosper them. If they rebelled against him, they would face the threat of utter destruction. This is a lesson that the Jaredite nation never learned." (p. 1).


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