The World and the Prophets

By Hugh W. Nibley

Synopsis: A written version of a radio broadcast series delivered by Hugh Nibley himself in 1954, originally entitled "Time Vindicates the Prophets." The book establishes how the prophetic tradition of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with Joseph Smith and his successors, is exactly in line with and a continuation of that of the Early Christian Church. The book also documents how prophetic gifts of the Early Church, which we now enjoy in the Restored Church today, when once were lost in antiquity slowly gave way to poor substitutes such as philosophy and rhetoric/argumentation skills.

Strong Points: The book is a classic example of Nibley's perceptive mind and is meticulous in its research and compelling in its arguments.

Weak Points: The book version seemed a little bit of a dry read. The audio version, "Time Vindicates the Prophets," is actually much more engaging. I highly recommend the audio version.

Interesting: 2.9/5

Must Read: 2.2/5

Overall: 3/5


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